Sheriff sales.

All property removed from public property is listed below. If the owner does not claim the property within 120 days, we sell it at a public auction.

Buyer beware! We do not search for title liens—a salvage title issued upon purchase. The purchased property must be removed from the county lot with 48 hours of the sale.

Owners are welcome to recover their property by paying the salvage towing and storage fees. Please call the Sheriff’s Office Monday – Friday and speak with Keri Bennet to recover your property.

Abandon Property list

Event #Recovered DateRecovery LocationVINPlate / StateLien FoundFees OwedDescription
190704000207/04/2019600 S. Pine Alley Lusk, Wy1GCEK19B06Z18036714-2201/ WYCredit Except Corp.$760.00Maroon Chevrolet Pickup
200923001409/23/2020MP 201 Hwy 85 Niobrara CountyWB10439A64ZF48717$760.00BMW Gray MC
210414001204/14/2021601 S. Main St, Lusk, WY2MELM75W4VX7349012098514/ CO$663.00Silver Mercury Grand Marquis
P202004702305/04/2020MP 155 Hwy 85 Niobrara County3D7KS28C76G242761$760.00Dark Blue Dodge Ram
191127001212/10/2019100 E Daley St, Lusk, WY1GDFK16K7SJ75890149BC04/ SD$760.00Gold GMC Yukon
181012000910/17/2018MP 177.5 Hwy 18-85 Niobrara County1FAFP33PX3W339002272182/ WY$760.00Tan Ford Focus
200815001808/24/2020800 Blk S. Oak St, Lusk, WY1G8ZG8289XZ2034732SK529/ SD$760.00Green Saturn Station Wagon
P201903615104/05/2019MP 185.5 Hwy 85 Niobrara County1FMYU93165DA04646OXL466/ CO$760.00Silver Ford Escape
181103000811/03/2018MP 175 Hwy 85 Niobrara County3C8FY4BB21T57785253E143/ SD$760.00Purple Chrysler PT Cruiser
210111001001/11/2021300 Blk Copper St., Lusk, WY2CNDL73F15600219014-1524/ WY$760.00Blue Chevrolet Equinox
P2021004404/07/2021100 N. Diamond Ave, Lusk, WY1B3HB28C87D54769114-419/ WY$760.00Orange Dodge Caliber
200909001209/13/2020MP 4 Hwy 18 Niobrara County1NXBR18E5WZ0925802R1434/ SD$760.00Blue Toyota Corolla
S2020006408/09/2020MP 167 Hwy 85 Niobrara CountyWAULT68E44A087969CNJ-640/ MN$760.00Black Audi Quattro
200722000307/22/2020mp 166 Hwy 85 Niobrara County1G1JC5249W7337140BLB4161/ TX$760.00Gold Chevrolet Cavalier

Foreclosure Sales

All properties sold at public auction unless claimed.
Watch the Lusk Herald newspaper for sale dates or visit this page for updates.