Niobrara Strong

EAS Siren in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Lusk Daily Noon Test (14-Noon Test)
Lusk County Fire (14-Hi Lo)
Lusk City Fire (14-Wail)
Lusk Severe Weather (14-Alert)
Lusk Tornado (14-Whoop)
Lusk Attack (14-Attack)
Lusk All Clear (14-Air Horn)

Manville Daily Noon Test (14-MANV Test)
Manville Fire (14-MANV Fire)
Manville Severe Weather (14-MANVE Alert)
Manville Attack (14-MANV Attack)
Manville All Clear (14-MANV Test)

Broadcast Radio to monitor for updates.
FM 103.1 KGOS – Torrington
FM 101.1 KKTY – Douglas 
FM 94.3 KASL – New Castle

When there is an imminent life safety event, Niobrara County will give as much warning as possible. It is the citizens’ responsibility to be ready. Learn more at

Nature of Emergencies Alerts

Advisory: Talk that something may occur.
Action is to prepare and plan.
You may receive a General GodeRED message.

Watch: Circumstance is correct of something to happen.
Action is to stay informed, ready to act in seconds.
You may receive a General GodeRED message.

Warning: A life safety event is occurring. 
Action move to or stay in the shelter.
Wait for the all-clear or other information before leaving. 
A message to all cellphone and broadcast radio will be sent upon EAS siren sounding.

Only call 9-1-1 if you have an emergency to report at this time during a Warning.

About IPAWS – Integrated Public Alert and Warning System –

Annual siren test

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