Sheriff Initiatives

Sheriff Initiative is a listing of directives to his deputies to complete in Niobrara County, Wyoming.
A Sheriff and Deputies cannot do it alone; we ask all citizens for support and help.

Rancher Watch

Rancher Watch:  On Patrol in Niobrara County, Wyoming.
Wyoming Livestock Board, Wyoming Law Enforcement and livestock growers.

Livestock theft does occur in Niobrara County, Wyoming. Brand your livestock & claim your herd.

Deputies are to watch for and stop livestock hauler, inspect papers, identify persons, photo and video persons and livestock—arrest persons, and secure livestock under a probable cause of crime.

Reasonable Suspicion gives a peace officer the authority to investigate—livestock checkpoint established at any time at any public location or any road without notice.

Legal Livestock haulers in Wyoming are required to show proof of ownership when in possession of any livestock. – Health Papers – Brand Inspection – Legal Bill of Sale – Certificate of Ownership – etc. – expect to be documented and recorded.

Insurance fraud of livestock theft claims is also illegal.

Citizen and livestock growers can assist us. You might have noticed the signs camera in use. They are more than a sign; we do have cameras deployed. Not easily seen and often more than one, if you come across one, leave it alone. Livestock growers are also deploying cameras and sharing data with the Sheriff’s Office; if livestock goes missing, we can develop a timeline and see who was in the area.

The camera is an essential investigative tool, but an aware livestock grower is also vital! Don’t feel embarrassed to drop a dime by calling (307) 334-2240 in Niobrara County, Wyoming. We will send a Deputy Sheriff out, not a waste of time; it might just bust a cold case open.