9-1-1 dispatch is hiring telecommunications people to dispatch, Law, Fire and Amulance.

Patrol Deputy Sheriff

Three full-time Patrol Deputies.
Plus, a certified Sheriff is elected by the public every four years who has total charge of Sheriff Office operations.

The patrol supervisor is
Undersheriff Kelly Dean.

Type:  Patrol Deputy
Salary/Pay:  $
Posted Date:  No open positions

detention Deputy Sheriff

Six full-time Jail Deputies.
Assigned to jail and charged with county property patrol around the Courthouse and Niobrara County Criminal Justice Center.

The jail supervisor is
Lt. Jim Frye.

Type:  Detention Deputy
Salary/Pay:  $
Posted Date:  No open positions

9-1-1 Dispatch / Admin support

Six full-time, Telecommunicators and admin support staff.
Assigned. 9-1-1 and front office duty. They are civil service employees with no arrest authority. They are a vital part of daily Sheriff Office operations.

The dispatch supervisor is
L.D. Stone

Type:  Telecommunicator
Salary/Pay:  $16.48 per hour
Posted Date:  08/02/2021

Volunteer SAR / Posse

Do you wish to serve Niobrara County, Wyoming? We have the following programs.

Niobrara Search & Rescue
A Volunteer Organization that serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff.
Membership is a group of members. Who have been and deployed across the State of Wyoming and within the region. Skillset is tracking – step by step of a missing person.

Sheriff Posse / Reserve Program
Individuals that are a Wyoming certified peace officer, detention and 9-1-1 personnel are allowed to join the Niobrara County Sheriff Posse. They are not active members of the Sheriff’s Office but called to assist in any emergency.

Members must maintain their POST training credits under the sponsorship of the Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office.  Only current POST members will be listed as Sheriff Posse members.