Jail adult Detention Center in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

The primary function is to ensure a charged person appears before the court who has not posted bail or bond, releasing them from custody with a promise to appear.

The second function is identification by submitting fingerprints to the FBI with charges. Mug shots and all tattoos photographed and documented.

The entire booking process is audio and video recorded and shared with the County Attorney Office.

The third function is housing detained persons.

Due to limited space, convicted and pre-sentence maybe house together. Sentenced inmates are allowed to become a worker in the facility. They can come out of the cellblock under supervision to perform general cleaning.

All detained persons have access to phone and commissary services. If they have money in the jail inmate funds account, or the privilege has not been remove for disciplinary issues.

We are PREA compliant. Before being placed into the General Population, the detained person will watch the following video. Anyone can bring a PREA complaint by calling (307) 216-2299 your recorded complaint will be routed to the Sheriff and key staff to take action.