Niobrara Detention Center

To give money to an Inmate, you must visit Access Corrections to deposit funds to their jail account.

Inmates cannot receive anything through visiting without written approval.

When an Inmate leaves jail, a debit card is issued to them.

We are PREA compliant. Before being placed into the General Population, the detained person will watch the video.

Anyone can bring a PREA complaint by calling (307) 216-2299. Your recorded complaint will go to the Sheriff and critical staff at the Sheriff’s Office. If it is an emergency, call directly (307) 334-2240.

The Niobrara County Sheriff’s Detention Center is a fourteen-bed facility securely holding adult males and females.  

The purpose of a jail is to allow inmates to complete a sentence or to ensure a person appears before a Judge.

To visit an Inmate in our jail, you must be an adult or accompanied by a legal guardian. All visits are non-contact. The meeting is audio and video recorded to ensure the facility’s security. You will need photo identification; you will be checked for outstanding warrants.

Children are not allowed to be unattended in the lobby.

The Visiting Schedule can be suspended due to facility needs without notice.

Our Current Visiting Schedule.

For Visiting, you will need State-issued photo identification.

Detention Deputies.